Kaya Genç in conversation with Maureen Freely

Friday 19 April at 7.00 p.m. 

Turkish writer Kaya Genç will be in conversation with Maureen Freely about how his writing reflects and interacts with literary traditions, as well as Turkish culture, history and politics.

Maureen Freely on Kaya Genç:

‘Kaya Genç is one of the most interesting Turkish writers to emerge in recent years. In his essays as well as his fiction, he converses across borders, while forging his own distinct voice and perspective, and challenging dominant narratives.’

Kaya Genç on Turkish literature:

‘Turkish literature is interesting today precisely because the components of the term “Turkish Literature” are discovering the meaning of one another. What does “Turkish” mean in a culture whose national identity was built on a principle of exclusion rather than inclusion? What role did the country's national literature play in the forming of an exclusionist national identity? As contemporary western and eastern cultures face similar crises, Turkish literature presents a number of test cases where the art work and national identity create and define each other, while allowing us to scrutinise the interaction between the two.’

Kaya Genç is a novelist, essayist and translator from Istanbul. His essays, book reviews, portraits and short stories have appeared in the Guardian, the London Review of Books website and Index on Censorship, among others. His first novel, L'avventura, was published in Turkey in 2008. He is now writing a novel in English and continues to write short stories and literary essays from Istanbul.

Maureen Freely was born in the US but grew up in Istanbul, where her family still lives. A professor at the University of Warwick, and currently the chair of the Translators Association, she has translated five books by the Turkish novelist and Nobel Laureate, Orhan Pamuk. Her sixth novel, Enlightenment (her third to be set in Istanbul), was published by Marion Boyars in 2007.

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