Given the power of the military in Turkey, there was a time - not long ago - when it seemed inconceivable that a moderate Islamist government would ever come to power.  However, it's now ten years since the AK party won a landslide victory -- and they've been in government ever since.  And in that time, Turkey's influence in the region has grown as it's moved away from its old alliance with Israel in favour of closer relations with the Arab world.  But what of the next ten years?  The party's meeting today to talk about just that -- and interestingly, joining them is the new Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi.  So is Turkey the right model for some of these post-Arab Spring countries?  Is it a useful example of democracy with an Islamist flavour?  The BBC's Newshour spoke to Salman Shaikh, director of the Brookings Doha Centre - a thinktank - and also the Turkish novelist and commentator Kaya Genç.

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